Housing the Homeless

A citizen task force organized in 2015 by Mayor Chris Watts, explored resources and activities that could improve and expand housing solutions for the homeless in Denton. The goal of the task force was to produce a plan for coordinated community–wide efforts to address homelessness. Simply put, the group developed a plan of support to … Continue reading Housing the Homeless


Why we exist

The purpose of the Denton County Homeless Coalition is to serve as a catalyst for developing and providing needed services to those individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the county. To carry out this task most effectively, the Coalition, consisting of representatives from housing and social service providers (both … Continue reading Why we exist

Denton County Landlord Forum

Due to scheduling conflicts, the Denton County Landlord Forum has been moved to Thursday, October 19th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at CoServ (7701 S. Stemmons, Corinth, TX 76210). Please forward to your contacts, and contact Courtney Cross with any questions (contact information below). Are you a Denton County landlord? Would you like to … Continue reading Denton County Landlord Forum

First Annual Food and Backpack Drive for Local Denton ISD High Schools

The Denton County Healthy Communities Coalition identified a need for food and inconspicuous ways to transport that food home for a growing number of students in the Denton ISD High Schools. Many of the Communities in Schools staff, school counselors, and teachers have already taken it upon themselves to locate or purchase food stuffs to … Continue reading First Annual Food and Backpack Drive for Local Denton ISD High Schools

Filling in the Gaps with Dignity

As kids start their trek back to school this month, it's a great time to be reminded that some of these kids are facing homelessness and we have a chance to serve, to fill that "gap with dignity....showing these students the love and hope there is in the world." Quietly or not, you too can … Continue reading Filling in the Gaps with Dignity