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Have you lost your housing or are close to losing your housing?

Here are some options that might be able to help connect you with housing and supportive services:

Coordinated Entry – What is Coordinated Entry?
If you are currently experiencing homelessness or referring someone: please visit one of the locations below,  to complete a 10-15 minutes assessment called Coordinated Entry. Completing Coordinated Entry Assessment helps quickly connect people to available resources  and gathers information about housing needs.

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When measures of extreme temperatures are reached or when other severe weather conditions take place public facilities, service provider locations, and emergency shelters are available for those living without a warm/cool, dry, and safe place to escape the weather extremes.

Extreme temperature will be defined as:
• Any day when the temperature low is expected to fall below 32 degrees, or
• Any day when the temperature high is expected to exceed 100 degrees, or
• Any City declared emergency for Weather conditions such as Ice, Severe Flooding, etc.

Warming/Cooling Stations and Emergency Shelter Inclement Weather Information:

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If you or someone you know is in immediate need of emergency resources in consult  211 for a list of shelters, food pantries and related agencies.
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Quite simply, CE is our local process that makes it easy for you to access housing assistance. It identifies and assesses your housing needs and makes prioritization decisions based upon those needs.


  1. You meet at one of the listed locations for an intake.
  2. You receive referral for services, depending on your level of need.
  3. You are connected to available housing resources if eligible.


  1. You will be asked for general information and you will complete a short survey (28 questions) at a CE partner location.
  2. Based on qualification, funding, and vacancy you will be referred to the most appropriate housing program, based on your need.
  3. If assistance is unavailable, you can be referred to alternative resources.


  1. Coordinated Entry (CE) only refers you to programs you are qualified for…no more bouncing from door to door to find assistance.
  2. It reduces the amount of intakes you must complete in order to receive help.
  3. It helps our community understand what resources are need to help you and other households in the future.


  •  We are working really hard as a system to work with as many people as possible to end their homelessness but resources are limited.
  • It’s possible and likely that the programs you are interested in will not have any current openings and there is no way to tell how long a program may be able to offer assistance.
  • This is not a housing waitlist or a housing application, but rather an initial assessment to help create a path for resolving a housing crisis.

For other resources, refer to:

United Way of Denton County Community Resource Directory 2022