Homeless in Denton Presentation

Dr. Dake's DSCI 4700 class at UNT recently took on the assignment to look at homeless services in Denton County. They offered a presentation to the Denton County Homeless Coalition Steering Committee on their findings. The class took a three prong approach considering: a system map of how someone is homeless might access services analysis of … Continue reading Homeless in Denton Presentation

Community Briefing – 100K Homes Denton

For National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, several community organizations and partners initiated a  weeklong effort to identify people in Denton who are experiencing chronic homelessness and are most vulnerable for dying on the streets. Denton Registry Week created a registry of people living on the streets and in shelters in Denton. Over the next 100 … Continue reading Community Briefing – 100K Homes Denton