Ways to Help

Get Involved – Join the Coalition

Join the Coalition and participate in education, networking, and information sharing to improve homeless services and initiatives in this community. Open to anyone interested in learning more and making a contribution.

◊Be an Advocate

Help spread the word about homelessness and homeless initiatives in this community, around the state, and across the nation.


There are many ways to volunteer. There are also a number of agencies involved in the coalition who need volunteers. Join the coalition and attend meetings. This will get you involved with all the active agencies and staff who are providing services.  You will find a number of ways to volunteer for the coalition, community projects, and with individual agencies. . You will likely find many choices for volunteering to find where you most want to contribute your time and efforts. DCHC has opportunities to serve in leadership positions and with the annual Point-in-Time count. Volunteer for the PIT Count!