The need for housing that is affordable for people at all income levels is a common theme faced by nearly every community. Unfortunately, there is no “one-size fits all” fix to the lack of affordable housing nor is there a universal solution to easily plug into.

The National League of Cities, in in partnership with the 49 state municipal leagues has put out a  report, Local Tools to Address Housing Affordability – A STATE-BY-STATE ANALYSIS. From the report:

Some cities seek to provide enough housing for all incomes by preserving existing affordable housing units and creating new ones. Others focus on preventing poor housing conditions and housing displacement. Still others concentrate on helping households access and afford private-market housing or connecting housing strategies to employment, mobility and health initiatives.

Given the diverse landscape of housing affordability, cities must build and maintain the proper tools and flexibility to meet the needs of their residents.

Now, Texas already limits and/or prohibits cities from enacting policies that establish rent controls, mandatory inclusionary zoning, linkage fees, or protect renters from source of income discrimination. However, there are still options to address housing affordability.The Denton County Homeless Coalition and the League of Women Voters want to plan a  local discussion about housing affordability in Denton County.

Read the report and then drop a comment about what you would like to see discussed.