The Center for Integrated Health

What is The Center for Integrated Health (TCIH)?

The Center for Integrated Health is designed to provide primary care and behavioral health services to the needs of DCMHMR’s individuals and the community as a whole. The Center for Integrated Health team includes a primary care physician, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, licensed vocational nurse, and a behavioral health consultant.

Who is Eligible for Services?

Currently, TCIH is only accepting uninsured individuals.

Referral Process

TCIH requests that a referral form be completed and submitted electronically when the referral is being facilitated by an organization or case manager.

Uninsured individuals will be assessed financially to determine fees for services and TCIH requests that this information be communicated to the individual so as to
ensure access for services.

Forms of documentation necessary to complete this process include:

  • Proof of identification can be
    verified by any of the following: Any picture ID with the person’s name, Driver’s License/Photo Identification, Passport, Official School/Employment ID with Photo, or Immigrant ID.
  • Proof of income (individual and/or the individual’s married spouse) can be verified by any of the following: Paycheck stubs (4 consecutive weeks), Letter from employer on company letterhead (signed and dated), Income tax return/W2, Unemployment benefits (award letter/certificate, benefit check) dated in the two months, SSI or SSDI award letter dated within the past two months (or bank statement verifying that deposits are made from the US treasury). Other forms ofincome include TANF, food stamp award letter, child support, etc.

*Other forms of documentation may be accepted as approved by Program Manager or designee.


The goal for our individuals is that our staff actively engages and supports individuals in addressing their healthcare needs. TCIH staff functions as an integrated care team to address individual needs. The integrated effort may include attending appointments with the individual, behavioral planning, and care coordination to facilitate development
of a shared treatment plan.

Dedicating time to support follow through for individuals enrolled in TCIH will be beneficial for both staff and the individual. It is a way for staff to be both productive and effective for each individual they work with that has complex medical needs.

A strong relationship between mental and physical health has been demonstrated empirically, and a goal pursued and accomplished in this area can be expected to be beneficial to one’s overall wellness, including mental health.

If you feel that your client has an unmet physical health need that is compromising activities of daily living and their overall ability to recover from mental illness, then please consider referring your patient to us.


The advantage to an integrated model of care is the increased potential for consistent and productive communication. Through consistent efforts to increase communication, the integrated team approach will assist our individual to improve their overall healthcare and to sustain improved outcomes.

For scheduling or to contact team by phone, call: (940) 222-2326

Team fax#: (940) 387-0519

TCIH Case Manager: Elizabeth Rhoades (940) 222-2326

Questions and Concerns

For any questions or needs regarding TCIH please contact:

Julie Hill, Program Manager of Integrated Health (940) 222-0137


Referrals accepted M-F 8-5

Services provided Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:00AM and 5:00PM

2509 Scripture Street, Suite 103
Denton, TX 76201