Cooling Stations

Salvation Army Cooling Station opens in Denton:

Other Locations

Day: Civic Center, Senior Center, Libraries, Golden Triangle Mall, Vision Ministries, and the Salvation Army are air conditioned places to escape the heat. The Salvation Army provides water for the day.

Evening: The Salvation Army and Denton Bible Church’s The Hanger are cooling stations at night. The Salvation Army is open for overnight stay when temperatures are above 95 degrees and The Hanger is open for overnight stay when forcasted tempaerature will be above 100 degrees at 4:00pm.

  • Our Daily Bread 300 W Oak Street Suite 100 940-765-7607
  • The Salvation Army, Denton Corps 1508 E. McKinney 940-566-3800
  • Vision Ministries 626 Wainwright Street 940-387-8230
    The Hanger (at Denton Bible Big Red Barn on Nottingham) 940-391-1919